Custom Valet

Thank you for your interest in the custom valet with Glyn's Car Valet Service. Whilst our valeting packs are suitable for most occasions and budgets we realise that sometimes our customers require something a little different, this is where our custom valet comes in.

To get your no-obligation quote, simply complete the following form, selecting the valeting options you want and we'll give you an instant online quote for the job. Once you have the quote if you like what you see you can make a booking enquiry and we'll get in touch to confirm your booking.

Important: The minimum price for a custom valet is £50, whilst we will accept a booking with task lists with a value totalling less than £50, this minimum price will instead be applied to your booking.

Save 10% if you spend more than £100 on custom valets!

So that we can provide you with accurate prices throughout your booking enquiry, we need to know the make, model and estimated size of your car. If in doubt, you can use the sizing chart which is available on the right, above the testimonial on this page to compare your car to others.

We serve the entirity of Herefordshire and a little beyond too! Please feel free to give us a call on 07792 191 489 if you're unsure we can reach you.
Posted by Alex Tomlinson
Why Use GCVS

We are fully trained and can ensure that the level of technical competence and service quality is second to none. We can assure you that you will experience the very best valeting service available.

Glyn's Car Valet Service uses a modified Mercedes Vito van, which is fully equipped with everything needed including water and power.

We have a genuine love of cars and so we treat each one as we would our own, taking utmost care when working around them and doing all we can to make them as clean as possible!